Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Movers & Shakers

A while ago I bought one set of the Movers & Shakers dies from Papertrey. The spinners dies let you create your own interactive cards using either a straight or wavy track. Here's a card for the son of a friend who'll be turning two. When you turn the card, the little truck spins along the track. Great fun!

In this post, scroll down to see a video from Nichole showing how the dies work.




  1. Hi Anne, What an adorable idea. I really love this concept. He will love your card, I do to. ...have a good day. Thanks for the video I had forgotten about this one.

  2. Hi Anne, I'm catching up on your beautiful creations. I absolutely love this interactive firetruck card! Perfect for a 2-year old! I keep meaning to use my movers & shakers, but so far they've never seen daylight, lol!