Monday, March 04, 2013

Craft space

I've turned part of the study into a craft space. Basically, that means I've taken over some shelves and a computer desk. It's pretty functional and it's nice to have a dedicated space (rather than using the dining table all the time!) but if I could start from scratch, I'd probably do things differently.  No money to do that at present, but I've been collecting some ideas and dreaming.....

Here's the current setup.  My craft desk and shelves to the right:


And a view from the door - craft desk to the right, computer desk straight ahead.  There are two windows which take up a lot of wall space.


And here are some ideas for a reorganised space.

Obviously I haven't got room for a sofa or comfy chair, but I think I could make better use of the space by having one large built in corner desk. It would be good to have storage in some areas underneath and if the desk wrapped around two walls, I'd have a place for my laptop to sit, space for my sewing machine and and area for crafting. Maybe one day :)

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  1. Hi Anne, I like the wrap around desk idea, but very much like the drawers under the window in the electric office,because of large window lighting. I like the tables in the center here also, because they can be used for sewing and folded away when space is needed for other usage. I find I need plenty of drawers, a wall peg boards are good for hanging things, then a few shelves for placing boxes, your shelves right now are good to keep whenever you decide to redo. ....just ideas to think about.