Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Garden delights

Not much time for crafting at the moment as I'm trying to get the house and garden organised for going away. So I thought I'd show you some of my roses which are starting to come into bloom.

I have several rose beds - four with cottage and old fashioned roses and one with a mix of hybrid tea and floribunda bushes. Not sure what most of them are called as they were planted by previous owners of the property, but the colours and scents are lovely. Spring is definitely a beautiful time of year!

This is a damask rose with an amazing perfume

A cottage style rose bush which is just covered in pink blooms in the summer: P1030162_new

This is a self-sown banksia rose (no thorns!)

 A pink floribunda 

 And a new rose I bought this year - a hydrid tea called Paul Gauguin - love the stripes!P1030159_new

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  1. Good Morning, Anne,
    OH! MY GOSH! Heaven is in bloom in your garden. so breathtaking. When I see the brilliant colors, the rainbow comes to life with the love of God and touch of His hand creating and painting for us to enjoy, with the sweet fragrance of His Love ....thanks for sharing these have a good day.