Thursday, January 16, 2014

NY marathon

As I mentioned, I went to NY to run the marathon. Got a place through a local travel agent (only downside, having to pay for vastly over-priced accommodation). Why NY? Well it's the world's largest marathon plus a great city to visit.

Here I am with friends at the convention centre picking up our race numbers and packs and attending the expo:


And here is the race in progress. Over 50,000 runners in 2013 - the largest number on record. Although some people did actually carry cameras, I was very pleased that the official photographers did a great job of capturing the action:


And here are some photos of me in action. I felt pretty good for most of the race. Certainly a fantastic atmosphere with millions of people lining the route and bands every few blocks:


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  1. Hi Anne, I am very impressed with your accomplishment. and the fact that you have such wonderful photo;s to remember the whole experience. It was certainly a great challenge, but what an accomplishment. BIG CONGRATULATIONS AND HUGS.