Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Sew sweet

Time for something different.

I recently bought the PTI coin purse dies off a forum member (thanks Audrey) and this weekend spent a few happy hours making my first little purse. Great fun!

As promised, it is pretty easy once you die cut everything.  Erin Lincoln has designed the dies to be very user friendly - even for putting in the zip. You can check out her video here.

I made this as a bit of a test, using up some orange felt and some left over quilting fabric. I used heat-n-bond on the fabric so I could die cut it, but the felt cuts fine without it. Here's the front (with the extra pocket fasted with velcro)


And here's the back with a contrasting piece of fabric glued to the felt using heat-n-bond.


The stitching holes make sewing everything a cinch and you can put the zipper where you like - I chose to have mine at the top.  I used a 4 inch zipper like Erin recommends, but I actually feel a 5 inch would be better. I don't like the way the stopper is visible at the end of the zipper. So next time I'll try the slightly longer size.

But I think this will be a great little gift item - either as an extra little gift or to hold a gift card. So if you know me, just watch out because you might be getting one too!

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  1. Hi Anne,
    WOW what a purse. you are amazing with the sewing and so clever with designing. this is a perfect gift. I love the colors, and the idea. You have a great deal of patience to make things, and your knitting as well. A blessing to each who receives. Just super.....have a good day.