Monday, November 14, 2011


From time to time I get asked questions and since I wasn't sure how replying to comments would go,  I thought the best way to asnswer some of them was right here:

1. Did you make those or buy these glittery buttons ?
 I made them. Guess you could use glue and glitter, but I used stickles for these ones.  Just apply and let dry (preferably overnight).

2. What svg file did you use for the rolled roses here?

This is one of Penny Duncan's fabulous files. You can see the rolled rose here and download the files here.  If you have an electronic cutter, I suggest you check out the rest of Penny's blog. She makes a huge range of cutting files in all the main formats - SVG, DXF, GSD and PDF.

3. How did you make these flowers?

It's super easy.  I used PTI's satin ribbon for these but you can use any kind of ribbon or strip of fabric.  Take a needle and thread, put a knot in the thread, start at one end of the ribbon and, using a running stitch, stich close to one edge. Then just gather the ribbon along the thread until you have the flower the size you want.  I overlap the ends a bit to make a rosette kind of shape. Put a button, pearl etc in the centre to cover up the little hole and you're done. 

4. How do you tie your bows?

Most of my bows I just tie by hand.  For double bows, like the one on this card, I use the bow easy.  I use a 'cheaters' method and attach a strip of ribbon to the card front, then tie my bow separately and attach it with a glue dot. As for ribbon, I think PTI's grosgrain or saddle stitch ribbon produce the nicest bows.  If you're looking for great tips,  I found Dawn McVey's bow tying video really helpful. You can check it out here.

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