Friday, April 06, 2012

Iconic London

I wanted to use a tube map in a layout so what could be more appropriate than pages which feature some of London's 'icons'. 

Did you know:
  • The first combined map of the London Underground was published in 1908 by the Underground Electric Railways Company of London and several other companies using the 'Underground' brand as part of a common advertising initiative.
  • The first diagrammatic map of London's rapid transit network was designed by Harry Beck in 1931.
  • Removal of the River Thames from the September 2009 version of the map was met with general disapproval from most Londoners and from mayor Boris Johnson. The river was quickly reinstated in the following edition of the map 3 months later.



  1. thank you for the history, I never would have known about the maps for the Thames River. What a interesting scrap book.....Hugs.

  2. That scrapbook is awesome...and of course so smart to preserve your pictures and memories this way. I really like the one down there with the circle punches - that's a fun look.