Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Draught excluder

It's getting cooler here and I realised it was about time to tackle the gaps under several doors in my house - including the front door! We always used to have those draught 'snakes' at home growing up, and I thought it would be fun to make my own and use up some fabric scraps in the process.

I found a few instructions online. Check out some ideas here and here.

I decided to use up some quilting scraps and went with all sorts of different sized strips sewn together. I literally tore the fabric into strips which measured about 30cm long:


Then laid them out in the order I wanted.  I then sewed them together, making a piece about 95cm wide (wide enough to cover my doors and the frames on either side):


And here is the finished draught excluder. I made a liner out of pantyhose and used kitty litter for the stuffing. Works well and definitely keeps those draughts out!



  1. Hi Anne, what a clever idea to use up scraps and have them useful again. Your draft stopper turned out very well, and the idea of panty hose to stuff with kittie litter is excellent... tip: if you lived in the snow country, a bag of kittie litter in the trunk or boot of car is good for traction if stuck in mudd or snow, for traction on the wheels of the car. thanks for sharing your lovely idea, and budget concience.....hugs have a good day.

  2. Hey Anne! Love your project! A really cool idea and it turned out very nicely!! I had no idea you were such a good seamstress! Very clever!