Thursday, May 09, 2013


I've just noticed the spelling of gladiolus in this set. I wonder if it's American as we normally spell it gladiolus (plural gladioli). Well I just checked. The North American Gladiolus Council spells it with a 'u' but apparently there is an alternate spelling with an 'a'. Thank goodness for that - I do hate using sentiments with incorrect spelling!

So, here are a couple of gladiolas or gladioli if you prefer :)


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  1. Hi Anne, I checked my Webster's and the gladiolus is spelled this way, in the US. I know what you mean about misspelling on stamps, guess because we are world wide hobby, people figure must be Uk, must be US. I have noticed that Flourishes has made several images with the European spelling. I think is a very good idea. PTI has some international spelling images too.
    I love your image, and coloring, and love the thought behind it. ....have a good day