Monday, April 04, 2016

Homemade- from tree to table

If you've come to visit me you know I have a large garden and a lot of fruit trees. There's nothing I like better than using my homegrown produce for preserving and baking. It's Autumn here in New Zealand and that means a crop of crabapples. 

My task last weekend was to turn these into jelly.

Crabapple jelly is actually pretty simple to make - all you needs is crabapples plus any flavouring, some water and sugar. Since I love ginger, well no contest really.

Cook the fruit/ginger for about an hour until soft, strain through a jelly bag to extract the juice

Then put the juice back in the pan, bring to the boil and add the sugar (1 lb sugar for each pint of juice). 

Boil until setting point is reached (220F/105C), pour into warm jars and seal. And here's the result:



  1. We just moved to a 40 acre piece of land with a small orchard that we've been reclaiming and hope to put even more trees in this year and hoping to put out a decent sized garden this year too. So I totally get the homegrown for preserving. We've been using our apples for applesauce or apple butter and not jelly though. Yours looks delish.

  2. I'll bet that tastes so good.

  3. Our neighbours cut down a beautiful apple tree last year and I cried a little inside. Your jelly looks great!

  4. Ive never had crabapple jelly! I bet it is so yummy!

  5. I have never had a crabapple or crabapple jelly. What does it taste like? Does the added flavoring take over the flavor of the crabapple?

    I am suprised that the steps sound quite easy. I may have to try my hand at making jelly some time.

    Stefani | Dreams of Nyssa

    1. Crabapples tend to be quite sour, so definitely need the sugar. Mine have quite a mild taste so without some added flavour or other fruit (like berries) the taste would be too bland. Love the zing of the ginger though.

    2. Thank you. I am really curious to try one now. :-)